Healing from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Pt 2


10 thoughts on “Healing from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Pt 2

  1. Hi again and thank you for this video. I wish there was a new one every day 🙂 I am in the middle of my healing process and I feel sooo discouraged and fat… Today I ate only two decent meals and some fruit for the whole day (I was feeling temped to start dieting again), but I actually grabbed a package of peanuts while watching your new video, so that’s good! I really hope this is going to work out for me. Anyway, keep up the good work. Kisses from Chicago!


    1. keep at it girl! eat all the Peanuts! It’s worth it…tough but worth it! keep fueling yourself with positivity and with things that promote healthy body image. The more you eat the faster you will heal! you can do it! also….i found buying flowy dresses made me feel better


      1. Thanks for the encouragement – hope I spelled it right, not a native speaker 🙂 I have definitely gained some weight, I can’t fit in almost any of my jeans anymore, so I just had to buy new clothes. Here is the problem: I was doing some reading and I am not sure if gaining weight is really going to help. My period stopped after 8 years on the pill, but actually, I was getting it in the first two months since getting of the pill. All the other women whose experiences I read about weren’t getting any period since coming off the pill, so it’s strange that I did get it two times and then it stopped. But I remember it was as light as it was on the pill (before the pill my periods were pretty heavy), so maybe those two periods were still under the influence of the pill… Do you know if that is possible?


  2. Hi again, hope you’re doing well. I have a question – how do I know if gaining weight is really the right thing for me? I have gained weight (not sure how much, I got rid of the scale but had to buy bigger jeans and other clothes), but nothing is happening 😦 It has been more than three months since the weight gain. I’m wondering if I should gain more weight or maybe this is just not the right solution for me.


    1. what started this whole thing? did you lose a chunk of weight or start exercising a ton? did you restrict your food intake? if any of thee above….quitting exercise & increasing food intake (energy) and weight gain are the only solutions. It takes a lot of patience and weight sometimes. I gained over 50 pounds over the course of 9 months to reverse my HA. It is really hard but not stressing and giving your body time and yourself grace is the only way to beat it! I didn’t even buy jeans I stuck with big flowy dresses! =/


  3. Oh, you’re lucky! I live in Chicago so it’s too cold for flowy dresses (I love those btw). I didn’t lose weight but I was on the pill for 8 years and during that time my BMI was between 17.5 and 19. I was counting calories, obsessing over food and feeling guilty whenever I ate something “unhealthy”. I was even avoiding tomatoes and carrots because of “high sugar content” and then after weeks of restricting I would just snap and eat 3 ice creams, whole box of cookies and 2 pieces of pizza for one meal, thinking “I will go back to healthy eating again tomorrow”. And then I would repeat everything after few weeks.
    After watching your videos four months ago, I decided to go “all in”, eat whatever I want, whenever I want, get rid of the scale and start gentle yoga. I feel so much better now, but I am wondering if my AF will ever come back. I’m not sure what my weight is right now, but my jeans went from size 4 to size 8. Should I continue with high calorie intake or just maintain this weight and be patient?


    1. Have you settled at a weight? I would just eat intuitively and not overthink it. When your body gets to your “set point” …which could be higher after the restrict/binge phases (which it wasn’t binging…it was just your body telling you that you need food!) your cycle will resume after a period of time. The “waiting” part is absolutely the most difficult!


  4. I’m not sure 😦 How do I know if I have reached a set point? Was your set point a BMI of 23 and how long did it take for your cycle to resume after reaching it?


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