Migrant Wellness “Get Back in Shape” work out routine!

Oh Hey….it’s me again. LacyMarie “Migrant Wellness”. I fell into the postpartum, sleep deprivation blues and thus finding time to blog went out the window! I don’t think my brain was really capable of completing a blog post after running on such little sleep for so long. However, the little moose is now sleeping about 6 hours in a row each night and that has been a real game changer. Praise God!

With my newfound sleep, this past month I’ve gotten back in the gym! Boy does it feel great! My mood is better, my confidence has increased and the alone time the 30 minutes in the gym gives me is enough to recharge. I really believe taking that time for myself makes me a better wife, mother and role model and I encourage other women to create that time as well (if possible).

Since I’m a busy mom, I just have about 30 minutes to dedicate to the gym about 3 times a week. The rest of the days I try to be active by going for walks, doing exercises at home while Scout sleeps, etc. That being said, I need to maximize the time I have to get the greatest results in that 30 minutes. Enter, circuit training. I love circuit training. Circuit training is a type of exercise that combines high intensity aerobics and resistance. It’s perfect for people like me who want to lose  excessive weight while gaining and toning muscle. All my muscles turned to jelly while I was pregnant and this style of exercise has already helped me regain some of that lost muscle.

Here is an example of one of the workouts I do about 3 times a week. I love how easy it is to swap out different exercises and work multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Do Each Set 3 times for 20 Reps, lifting as heavy as you can before moving on to the next set. Each pair of exercises should be performed as a “superset”. Take a 30 second break in between sets. You should feel your muscles burning but not to the point of shaking or throbbing. If you get shaky you should reduce weight or even do the exercises without weights.


Circuit 1: Repeat 3 times with 30 seconds rest in between

Squat & Press x 20 reps

Static Squat with Hammer Curl x 20 reps

2 Minutes of Cardio:

1 Minute Wood Chops with weight

1 Minute One and a Half Squats


Circuit 2:

Sumo Squat with Kettle Bell Swing x 20

Static Sumo Squat with Overhead Tricep extension x 20

2 Minutes of Cardio:

1 Minute mountain climbers

1 Minute Lunge Kicks


Circuit 3:

Lunge with Shoulder Press x 20

Static Lunge with Dumbbell Row x 20


Cool down & stretch!







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