A few of my Personal tips on having a Healthy Pregnancy


There are so many things I feel like I left out of this video for the sake of time. So just to clarify my suggestions for how you can feel great during your pregnancy:

  1. Exercise and move daily, Stretch, Get a massage
  2. Choose the right Pre-Natal vitamin for you and focus on nutrition, not weight. Your body will tell you when it’s hungry! And your adorable baby will take what he or she needs from you. None of this “eating for two so pass the swiss cake rolls” nonsense or obsessing over calories business.
  3. Make your mental health a priority. Reduce Stress. Set Boundaries.Rest. Have fun and ask for help when you need it.



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Recipe for Chocolate Superfood Breakfast Bars

The other day  I was going through my pantry only to find 2 extremely spotty bananas I knew I would have to throw away if I didn’t use them pretty quickly. I absolutely hate throwing away food, which is why I make so many small trips to the grocery store each week to avoid waste. Since I’m 8 months pregnant and getting pretty lazy in the kitchen my thought process was “mash them up and throw everything I like in a kitchen aid and see what happens”. I was very happy with the outcome! Not only are these bars delicious as breakfast or a snack, they are better than any “lactation cookie” on the market and completely refined sugar free. The bars contain coconut oil and coconut butter which are proven to help with milk production and the oat base can be made with gluten-free oats for anyone with celiac or gluten-sensitivities.






1 1/2 C. Oats

1 C. Natural Peanut Butter

2 Extremely Ripe Bananas

2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

2 Tbsp. Coconut Butter

1 Tbsp. Maple Syrup

3 Tbsp. Raw Cacao

3 Tbsp. Chia Seeds

Handful of Walnuts (or nut of choice)



-Mash Bananas in Kitchen aid or with fork in a bowl

-Add Oats

-Melt coconut oil, coconut butter and peanut butter together and pour over oats

-Stir together til well combined

-add Raw cacao, maple syrup and chia seeds and keep stirring!

-once everything is well combined cover a baking sheet or square cake pan with wax paper and pour mixture over it. Make sure the batter is even and in a shape that will be able to be cut into bars later. Add walnut and cherries on top and press into batter. Place in freezer for atleast 2 hours. Once the batter has been well frozen it can be cut into bars and stored in the refrigerator. Eat & enjoy!