How to reverse Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

I definitely have a lot more to say about HA and the process of recovery, but this video was just to give an overview and share a little bit of my personal experience. I only talk about recovery from HA as it relates to being underweight but women also experience amenorrhea from being overweight which means they would need to lose the excess weight to restore menstrual function and fertility. Since fully recovering I have lost the extra pounds that I had to put on to fully heal my reproductive system in spite of being pregnant. If you are in the middle of recovery and are afraid of the weight gain, remember it is the only way to recover and you will most likely naturally shed the extra pounds once your body knows it is healthy and will not be starving again. Below I’ve listed some more resources on the topic. <—- recovery steps and calorie minimums!

“Fertile Thoughts” <–a forum of women who have had or currently have HA



10 thoughts on “How to reverse Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

  1. This is so great! More women need to be sharpen information like this. I have gone through this myself, and wished there was more support online when I was. Thank you for spreading the word on how important this is to recover from.


    1. Thanks for your response !I completely agree that there needs to be more talk about HA out there…I never had any coach or health teacher tell me about how important it is to fuel my body for athletics or just life in general so I was shocked when I had to deal with this! I’m glad you successfully reversed it as well!


  2. Hi, thank you very much for this great video! I’ve been trying to overcome HA for almost 2 years but no success. I was using birth control for 8 years and my period stopped when I came off it. I tried tea, drops, vitamins, hormones… Sometimes I would get my artificial bleed that month, but nothing in the month that followed, and of course no ovulation. After running some tests, my doctor told me I have to gain weight. My BMI was under 18 my whole life, I was obsessed with healthy eating and I kind of still am.
    I am aware that gaining weight is something I have to do but it’s really hard. I have managed to up my BMI to 19, but I couldn’t stand my body and the comments about me gaining weight, so I stopped trying to gain. A couple of days ago I found out that my ovaries are shrinking and practically my whole body is shutting down and going into menopause, and I am not even 28!
    Now I decided to keep eating until my BMI is 22. I can see that you managed to return to your old weight, so I was wondering is your period still regular?



    1. Hi Irena,
      I’m so glad you found my video and that you are working toward recovery. I can promise you it is the most difficult thing to just let go and not look at the scale but the quicker you gain the weight the quicker you will recover. Your body has been in a famine for so long it is shutting down all of the “unnecessary” functions to conserve energy…which is why you are having (and I had) menopausal symptoms. I had to gain 50 pounds from my lowest weight which was 100. I cried a lot…but looking back it was so worth it. I totally believe you can do it. I had to surround myself with positive people that I could call for encouragement on the had days where I cried into a jar of peanut butter. As far as the regularity of my cycle…I actually only had 1 in the past 4 years and I got pregnant 2 weeks after it. I’m only 4 months Post Partum right now and nursing so I have yet to have a cycle again. Once you reach your “set point” weight you will regain your cycle and your metabolism will kick back into gear and the extra weight will come off naturally. Its scary but trust your body and your instincts!


  3. Thank you very much for your response. You are so beautiful and I am glad things have worked out for you. Could you give me some more suggestions about food I could eat in order to gain weight the healthy way, besides nuts, nut butter, full fat dairy and avocado?


      1. When I finally ovulated I was at a BMI of 23-24 and I had maintained that BMI for about 2 months til my cycle returned. I typically tell women with HA to aim for a BMI of 23 because that is the average BMI that women with HA have seen their cycles return at . Studies show the most “fertile” women are typically a BMI of 23. As far as healthy foods go a few things I did…I literally added coconut oil to everything…i cooked everything in it. If you eat meat I would eat fatty fish like salmon. I also upped my carb intake like major….for example..I ate a large sweet potato instead of a small one or added quinoa or another wholesome grain. I made smoothies that I could fit lots of calories in as well!


  4. This is going to be harder than I thought. My BMI is 19 right now and that’s the highest it has ever been. I am terrified when I think of 23! But I decided not to give up so peanut butter is my new best friend 🙂 Thanks for the advice about coconut oil, I use it sometimes but I will definitely be using it even more from now on.


    1. Yeah…its really tough but it is worth it. You need support from family or friends a long the way or its easy to throw in the towel. I went through my closet and got rid of all my “small” clothes…I unfollowed people online that I felt like triggered me and started doing yoga so that I could focus on relaxing and not what I looked like. And honestly after a while I kinda liked having hips and being curvy. I even started following all those “body positive” movements and weirdly enough it really did help.


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