How to reverse Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

I definitely have a lot more to say about HA and the process of recovery, but this video was just to give an overview and share a little bit of my personal experience. I only talk about recovery from HA as it relates to being underweight but women also experience amenorrhea from being overweight which means they would need to lose the excess weight to restore menstrual function and fertility. Since fully recovering I have lost the extra pounds that I had to put on to fully heal my reproductive system in spite of being pregnant. If you are in the middle of recovery and are afraid of the weight gain, remember it is the only way to recover and you will most likely naturally shed the extra pounds once your body knows it is healthy and will not be starving again. Below I’ve listed some more resources on the topic. <—- recovery steps and calorie minimums!

“Fertile Thoughts” <–a forum of women who have had or currently have HA