Mindful Eating on a Budget

Okay, so it’s no secret that eating healthy tends to cost more than the dollar menu at McDonald’s. It’s sad, but it’s true, especially when you have multiple mouths to feed! I’m going to put it out there though that choosing to prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family in the long run will potentially save money on trips to see the doctor and create habits that will hopefully cultivate a lifetime of wellness.

Here are my top tips for Mindful Eating on a Budget:

  1. Shop by the Dirty Dozen & Clean 15


If You would like to purchase organic but don’t want to break the bank this is the list I would stick with. The 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables should be prioritized as an organic purchase. Make a list of what items you would like to purchase as organic before heading to the store so you don’t accidentally grab the wrong item or forget which items have the most or least contaminates.


2. Look into local food Co-ops

If you’re more concerned with getting food that is local and in season look into supporting farms in your area through a co-op. Typically, you can make a weekly or monthly meat and produce purchase directly from the farmer, save money on quality food and feel great about knowing where your food comes from. It’s also fun because you can visit the farms!

Search for a the food cooperative in your city online.  Here is the website for the co-op in my area. It’s awesome because I can search products, order online and then pick the most convenient pick up location.


3. Shop at Whole Sale Clubs

Recently, Sam’s Club and Costco have found a special place in my heart. I personally have a membership at Sam’s Club because there aren’t any Costcos in Oklahoma. If you have the option of both, I would visit each club, look at the available items and pick which place offers the most items you tend to purchase on a regular basis. With the organic and natural foods movement gaining momentum, wholesale clubs have started carrying a large variety of organic produce, grass-fed meat and various other superfoods. For instance, I found a 3 pound tub of organic coconut oil for $13 and a 16oz jar of organic almond butter for $11. I’m all about supporting small business when I have the extra money but sometimes I just need the giant jar of almond butter for $11 instead of the tiny one for $13. I want to continue to feed my family quality and pay the bills!

I hope you find these tips useful, feel free to send any questions my way. I’m planning to post another video-blog soon and I would love your opinion on topics you’re interested in me covering via vlog.

Much Love

Migrant Wellness







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