Post Holiday Detox

Post holiday migraine? Feeling a little sluggish? Right after Christmas is the perfect time to start planning for a post-holiday detox. I like the jump right in after Christmas, but waiting until New Year’s is great too. It’ll give you a bit more time to prepare, make grocery lists and find some fun pinterest recipes to try out.

The Whole 30 is  a great month long detox program designed to break sugar addiction and heavy consumption of processed foods. If you’re like me, eating healthy 85% of the time or if you’re just not ready for a month long commitment I recommend doing a “Whole 15”. Basically, follow the Whole 30 guidelines for 15 days. Afterward slowly incorporate whole grains and if you can tolerate it, dairy and legumes. It’s a refreshing way to detox and reset at the beginning of the year, and keep the momentum going. If you can’t commit to 30 days, you can at least commit to 2 weeks, right?

Here are a few of my “whole 30” tips

  1. Read every label, every ingredient, every time.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Stay away from heavily packaged and processed meat, especially sausages. They almost always contain casein and added sugars with secret names like “dextrose”
  4. If you buy almond milk, make sure the only ingredients are almonds & water. I like Califia Farms, Pure Almond Milk. You can find it at most natural grocers and it’s $4.
  5. Crockpot recipes are fantastic, you can make several meals at once to eat throughout the week.
  6. Make sure you are getting protein, fats & complex carbs at every meal. It will help with the hunger you may experience the first week as you’re adjusting
  7. Always pack snacks
  8. There’s Whole 30 options at Chipotle! Get a salad bowl!
  9. Visit for more details on the program & for recipes



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